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Jamaican-style Beef Patties

The perfectly golden colour is a key indicator to the taste to come. The tasty flakes of pastry promise a great crunchy bite that will crumble into your mouth. That wonderful crunch of pastry gives way to a spicy flavourful filling that has a smooth gravy like quality that rounds out the Perfect Patty experience. Our Beef Patty uses High grade British beef combined with aromatic herbs and spices for the ‘Genuine Jamaica Taste’, Fresh Scotch Bonnet is used which gives a real chilli kick yet also has a sophisticated after taste. Fresh Jamaican thyme gives a strong flavour of the tropics.

Product Code 432953
Brand Irie Eats
Product Name Jamaican-style Beef Patties
Pack Size 10 x 150g
Product State Frozen
Approximate Count 10 Patties

Dietary Info

Dairy Free Halal

How to Cook

Oven Bake
Jamaican-style Beef Patties
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