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Halloween Menus


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As Brits, we love a good theme. Halloween in particular is a favourite in the foodservice sector. While operators may be tempted by speciality-made items, practically any dish can be spook-ified with a few minor tweaks.

Serve a hotdog scored halfway and near one end, and stick a small oval of onion to the end to resemble a finger. Splatter ketchup on the bun and the other end of the hotdog for a severed effect. Funnybones’ extra-large Chicago meatpacker style hotdogs are 11.5”, so this could easily pass for a severed finger. Salsa is another good way to create ‘bloody’ effects for Mexican style dishes. For dessert, partially melted marshmallow stretched over other desserts creates sticky sweet cobwebs.

Changing the names of dishes on the menu can also get people into the spooky spirit. Ditch ‘guacamole and chips’ for ‘Zombie guts’ or create a speciality cocktail for the season. Try shaking muddled jalapeno, tequila, and lime juice and then topping up with Jarritos lime soda for a vibrant green potion. Serve in a cauldron-shaped cup with dry ice to really give customers a show.

If leaning into the Halloween theme is all a bit too theatrical, but you still want a subtle nod to the season, Try swapping out traditional yellow corn or flour tortillas with a visually striking blue corn tortilla. The distinctive purple colouring can be complemented with green or orange fillings as a nod to typical Halloween colours.

And remember those spooktacular seasonal desserts! Funnybones’ Argentinian inspired Pastel de Manzana. This delicious sponge is rich in autumnal cinnamon and toffee flavours, and studded with pieces of seasonal tangy apple. No need to go bobbing for this dessert. Best served hot, with lashings of warmed dulce de leche sauce and a scoop of cool ice cream, this elegant dessert does well any time of year but is particularly popular in Autumn and Winter. 

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