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Keepin' Up With The Trends


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Keepin’ Up With The Trends

So, here’s the thing, we know y’all are always on the hunt for the latest and greatest, and we’re all about sharing the love for our amazing Mexican, Caribbean, and American food, so, to help you to keep on top of allll the latest, we’ve rounded em up in our blog.

Authentic, traditional, and just downright A-mazing (if we do say so ourselves!) We’ve been busy in the kitchen working up some Funnybones magic, we’ve taken to the streets to check out what’s happin and we’ve rounded up all the latest news.


Fusion food

What’s better than one flavour? Two of course! We sure got a hankering for some fusion food. Think Terriyaki Tacos, or curry risotto, Mexican lasagne, paneer quesadilla… and our very own Korean BBQ sauce. Giving all the sticky sweet goodness y’all love with the spicy twist of the Far East; take a classic burger and add some crazy Korean BBQ sauce, stuff it into a golden brioche bun with kimchi slaw and chilli mayo. Phew, that is one zinged up burger.  For some vegan deeeliciousness, grab some pak choi and diced tofu - top with Korean BBQ sauce, wok fry and inhale that ginger, garlic, and sesame goodness.


We’re going glocal

Globally inspired but made locally. AKA Glocal. You guys are going nuts for these goods thanks to their green credentials. Made right here on our doorstop so we’re eliminating those unnecessary food miles – bonus points for avoiding supply chain issues too! We’re makin’ it over in Corwen, Wales where we sign, seal, and deliver our lip smackin’ sauces, seasonings, and dips. And when we’ve got our thinkin’ caps workin’ overtime, we can turn out new products and have them delivered to your door before you know it. Take our brand-spanking-new Mexican seasonings – Al Pastor and Cochinita. Amigos down in the Puebla region of Mexico made Al Pastor the hottest seasoning out there, with hints of chilli, pineapple and achiote that will make your taste buds dance. Our Cochinita recipe is inspired by the Yucatan province of Mexico, and is smokin’ hot with sweet orange juice, achiote, and charred garlic flavours. We like it best to cook up a hog roast, but we made it vegan-friendly too so we’re keepin’ it ‘all inclusive’ with our spices.


Reasons to season

Ketchup, mayo, hot pepper sauce, BBQ… The Big Four are never far from a menu. More than ever, we need to add some extra special freshness to those menus! But don’t worry. We gotcha some tips on how to do just that.

Bored with your mayo? Well mix it up in minutes by combining it with some of our extra delicious offerings.  

  • Jalapeno Mayo: 1 Part Mayo + 2 Part Jalapeno Jelly
  • Red Chilli Mayo: 2 Part Mayo + 3 Part Redpepajam
  • Chipotle BBQ Mayo: 2 Part Mayo + 3 Part Chipotle BBQ
  • Korean BBQ Mayo: 2 Part Mayo + 2 Part Korean BBQ
  • Lime Tequila Mayo: 2 Part Mayo + 2 Part Lime Tequila Sauce
  • Buffalo Wing Mayo: 2 Part Mayo + 2 Part Buffalo Wing Sauce

Phew-y, now that is what we’re talkin’ about. It’s not just mayo though. Sprinkle some of our seasonings into melted butter, et voila! Our favourites are smoky butt or hickory bacon butter – charr some corn cobs to go with ribs for National BBQ Week (end of May). Fajita also works well on almost everything, oh and don’t forget cajun blackened seasoning! This one was destined to be mixed with butter and drizzled over… well just about anything! We love it on shrimps for some pure shrimp-action satisfaction!

Now BBQ’s, well they are our thing and it’s all about the seasoning, and that starts in the kitchen. Ditch the plain sauces and soak that meat in our marinades. Chipotle BBQ chilli gives you more zing than you know what to do with, rich Tennessee-style Bourbon is made with real rye whiskey for an authentically American taste, and maple & pepper glaze oozes sticky sweet goodness. Soak, soak, soak, and lock in mouth-watering flavour before you char grill or BBQ. But we’ll be sliding into BBQ Week in our next blog – so stay tuned!

So, a quick dip into the trends we’re seein’ and the tips we’re sharin’… and that, my friends, is what we call a win-win! Tune in soon for our BBQ focus, you know where to come!

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