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Sweet and Delicious Plantain and Sweet Potato

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Funnybones’ has partnered with Sympli Delicious to expand its extensive range of authentic Caribbean sides, including sweet potato cubes and ripe plantain chops.

Available to bake, oil fry, or air fry straight from frozen in just 3 minutes, both products offer the ideal solution to operators looking for the bona fide taste of the Caribbean to serve alongside classic dishes, such as Funnybones’ jerk chicken, calloo stew, or curried mutton.

Funnybones Development Chef, Tom Styman-Heighton is excited about the possibilities the products will present;

            “The great thing about both the sweet potato cubes, and the ripe plantain chops is their unique taste. Both manage to walk that fine line between sweet and savoury, meaning they’re incredibly versatile. For customers who want to shake things up from the usual Rice ‘N’ Peas, these can be a great alternative side dish. Because they’re cooked straight from frozen, they’re also compatible with our new range of Irie Eats individual portions, which helps operators introduce authentic Caribbean food to their menu, whilst cutting down on unnecessary waste.”

Both products are also staples of the emerging popularity of the African food market, and also both benefit from a lower oil absorption – 65% less than raw sweet potato, and 59% less than raw plantain, meaning they remain crisp and delicious without the greasy finish of fried products.  

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