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It may still be midsummer, but we’ve got autumn on our minds. In no time at all it’ll be the start of a new term and we know that uni caterers will already be planning some new and exciting food ideas. We’ve done the legwork for you and with our big ideas full of mouth-watering ingredients, we’ve made it as easy as we can to tempt those student tastebuds.

You won’t find boring meals in our range – we’ve put together eight BIG ideas all exploding with flavour and ready to land in your canteen. Those freshers and returners are in for a treat.

Our concepts bring the tastes of the world to campus. We’ve gone to Mexico, we’ve gone to the US of A, and of course, we’ve gone to Jamaica, and we’ve come up with eight fully branded, enticing and exciting foodie themes. They are costed and they are self-contained so you can have them up and running in no time.  Go with them as they are or add your own twist, the beauty in all of them is that they are fully adaptable and flexible.  Here they are – the magnificent eight….


Churray for Churros - Always a winner all you have to do is fry them.  Choose from Sweet or savoury churros with a choice of dips.

Quesidilla Thriller– Layers of flavour on 12-inch tortillas.  Mex Mix cheese with a dollop of tasty, spicy filling – meat or veggie. Add extra toppings of guacamole, salsa or nachos.

Fill yer Boat!–Fill with a choice of meat or vegan options and let these taco boats set sail on your students tastebuds with a whole load of mouth-watering toppings.

Fantas-Taco– Like a soft touch or a hard shell? We can give you both. All you’ve got to do is fill it. Spicy chilli, Pulled Pork Carnitas, Chipotle Chicken or vegan Fajita Cactus. Crown with toppings and a side of tortilla chips.

Born in the U S A.. Top Yor Tots!– We’ve got Chilli, we’ve got beans, we’ve got BBQ Chicken and we’ve got Smokey Butt Pulled Pork. Don’t let those Tots go topless - get loading.

Mac my Day!– Perfect for a Fryday. Crispy Mac n’ Cheese Bites or vegan and gluten free Cauliflower Bites. Top the lot with Mexican Chipotle Chicken, Jamaican Jerk Pork, American BBQ Beans (vegan) or South American Barbacoa Beef.

Just Wing It!– Four different wing varieties come ready prepared for frying or heating in the oven from frozen. BBQ, Crispy, Honey Jerk, and for a vegan alternative, Cauliflower Wings. Students can choose serving size – six, nine or twelve, and pick a dipping sauce.

Caribbean easy

Jamaican’ me Hungry!-  We’re transporting students to tropical islands with ourIrie Eats range of authentic Caribbean dishes. Whether it’s tender Boneless British Jerk Chicken Thigh, Curried Mutton with sweet carrots and potatoes or Vegan Callaloo and Coconut Stew. Add a side of Rice’n peas or roasted Ripe Plantain.

For students on the go and looking for something lighter, take a patty to the party. Jerk Chicken, Beef or Stew Peas (vegan), all wrapped up in the classic flaky patty pastry.

All our food concepts can be enhanced by adding a choice of Jarritos, Tropical Rhythms juices, or Bigga Soda to wash it all down. 

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