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Cool drinks for non-drinkers

When it comes to shooting the breeze on soft drinks, you already know where Funnybones is heading. The Caribbean. Ya mon! And South America too. Vamos! We’re always on the lookout for the flavours of these regions, and the trends that are bubbling away, just waiting to head round the world.

So, you don’t drink alcohol? No worries. With the range on soft drinks now available on the market, non-alcohol drinkers are having the most fun! Mix it up, mix it in, fuse them or have it straight, we’ve got you covered

We non-alcohol-heads want to play with the big boys and girls. Just because it’s alcohol free shouldn’t mean it’s had a charisma bypass. We want character. We want flavour. We want soft drink greatness baby. We want the real you…just as you are!

And finally, it seems like the good times are a comin’.  There’s a whole lotta alcohol free out there, and some of it is real good. And there’s soft drinks too, bringing attitude to the bar with fresh fruity flavours adding some tropical bang for your buck.  

Here in the UK, alcohol-free gin is top tipple. But when you’re talking islands, you’re talking RUM! Non-alcoholic rum substitutes are not so widely available, but they are out there. Lyre’s versions of white and dark rums which include Lyre’s Spiced Cane Spirit and White Cane Spirit bring some greatness to the alcohol-free bar. All you need is some cool mixers…oh and some equally great soft drinks to bring the sunshine home.

And don’t forget, if you’re bringin’ it with the flavours, you gotta bring it with the serve too. Make it cool bro’. Ditch the fruit salad and paper umbrellas and bring on tall iced glasses and a whole lotta ice. Keep it irie with a slim slice of fruit and add some tropical spice with a curl of fresh coconut, a wafer of fresh ginger, a sprinkle of nutmeg or a stick of cinnamon to stir.

Here's a few soft drink and mocktail options sure to leave your customers beggin’ for more.

We found love. Sassy and full bodied, our Tropical Rhythms are settin’ the juice loose. Try the Pineapple Ginger flavour, it’ll take you to the beach and set you down right beside the balmy Caribbean Sea. The Fruit Punch is one of a kind, jam packed with the heady flavours of guava, pear, apricot, mango and papaya. Appreciate it with a slug of non-alcoholic rum for the tee-totallers dream Rum Punch.

Hola amigos. So, it’s one of those warm summer evenings when the sun’s dipping below the horizon and the stars are twinkling in a velvety navy-blue sky. You’re with a crowd of friends and you’re not on the beer. What are you drinking? Why Jarritos of course! Straight out of Mexico, these sodas with bags of confidence were originally brewed in traditional jugs and enjoyed on the ranchos with every meal. They are now a Mexican soft drinks icon. 

Chunky glass bottle. Classic retro label. Big on flavour. Mex it up! Have a party with the Guava, dabble with the Pineapple, tango with the Mango. Go wild and pimp them up - rum in the Cola variety or gin in the Lime. Your choice to go alcoholic or keep it fresh.

Bigga by name, bigger by nature.  We going back to our roots. Jamaica – it’s in our Funny …bones (wink wink, get it?). And Bigga is BIG in Jamaica and certainly on the rise in the UK. Our volumes have nearly doubled over the last three years! Yes, you read correctly. It’s got fizz, it’s got swagger, It’s Jamaican! Big up the Bigga in the bar with funky flavours from Ginger Beer to Jamaican Cola.     @funnybonesUK     @funnybonesinfo


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