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Meat free is calling and we are goin in deep

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Meat free is calling and we are goin’ in deep

Hey y’all. This month we’re lovin’ the green kitchen vibe. At Funnybones we dig a plant- based diet, and our vegan food is just as full of soul and attitude as our meaty dishes. Take it from us, you earthlings will not leave hungry.

Vegan food is big here, and it’s makin’ a noise Stateside too. Which US city is top dog when it comes to meat-free menus? Those cool dudes LA and NYC are in the running, but nobody else is touchin’ Portland (Rip City), Oregon. 

Portland has the highest number of vegans per head of population and over 50 all-vegan restaurants. So, get you Rip City, home of the Food Truck Scene, the Beet Tartare, the SloSmoMoFo and the Mississipi (bento) Bowl.

How do we compete? Well pretty darn good actually. King UK vegan cities include Edinburgh and Brighton with Bristol leading the way. Take a bow Brizzle with your 197 vegan-friendly restaurants and the first vegan vending machine in the country.

At Funnybones we gotta a whole lotta veg action satisfaction goin’ on, so if you’re lookin’ for ideas to bling up the veg, you sure have come to the right place. You missin’ a spicy chicken wing or a meaty burger? We got you covered. Looking to ramp up the sweet spot? We got plenty of vegan sweet treats calling your name.

There ain’t nobody to beat you on flavour if you cook clever with authentic spices, salsas and marinades and serve up big hearty dishes of proper green goodness. We got us some neat ideas to help you do your thing and bring out some greatness. Here’s a loada inspo for y’all to chew on…

Pile it high platter.   Mm’mm. Find you some bbq flavoured Vegan Wings and dive right in. Get those fingers sticky with Smokey Hickory BBQ Sauce. Add Cauliflower Bites, Giant Battered Onion Rings and Avocado Tortilla Chips, salsas, vegan mayo, iceberg lettuce and cucumber for a platter that will take you home.

The Big South Taco . Deep South soul food in a taco. Stuff it high with jackfruit, flavoured with our Cajun Blackened Seasoning, top with collard greens and Louisiana Hot Sauce, sprinkle with toasted cornbread crumbs. Thank-you Ma’am.

Holy Moly smoky burger. How can Kale and Hemp burger taste so flippin’ good? You’re about to find out. Pile up the Brioche Bun, sliced Green Jalapenos, Cajun and Tomato Dip, iceberg lettuce and tomatoes. You know you’re gonna want corn cob and Cassava Fries on the side.

Super Food Sub. Break up Kale and Hemp burgers and roll ‘em up into balls for a meatless- meatball sub. Pile high with Smoky Butt seasoned slaw, top with Redpepjam mayo and sprinkle with sliced Jalapenos deep fried in batter. Yum.

Creole Jambalya. Make a big old pot of steaming Jambalya rice with Creole seasonings and top it off with Vegan Wings dusted in our Hickory salt.

Johnny Cake with greens. Take it to the islands with deep fried Johnny Cakes stuffed with  our Callaloo Dutch Pot Stew and served with a Vegan Jerk Mayo.

Simple stuff. Bring on the sunshine with a Vegan Stewed Peas patty and a bottle of Carrot and Mango Tropical Rhythms Punch.

Katsu curry in a hurry. Take a few Panko Coated Vegan wings and coat with our Japanese Katsu curry sauce from Chadha, serve with steamed rice. Awesomely quick and tasty.

Take it East.Those Vegan Wings sure travel well. Give ‘em a slick of our Mango Sweet Chilli Sauce and bring on the Rice Noodle salad and Kimchi.

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