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Funnybones Foodservice is launching a plant-based version of one of the nation’s most popular snack dishes this Veganuary. Biff’s Jackfruit Wingz add a vegan choice to the range of Caribbean and American style chicken wings already available through the specialist wholesaler.

Jackfruit Wingz are made from the nutritious Jackfruit which has a meaty, flaky texture and can be used to make all sorts of meat substitute items from pulled pork to burgers. The ‘meat’ of the fruit is lightly spiced with BBQ flavour before being formed into a drumstick shape around a stick of sugar cane and finally coated with a panko crumb for a crispy finish.

“Now everyone can enjoy the taste and texture of wings, even if they are vegan,” says Tom Styman-Heighton, Development Chef at Funnybones Foodservice. “Serve them solo with dips as a starter, add them to a vegan platter or pile them up alongside fries and coleslaw as a main course, there are lots of options for these crowd pleasing wings.”

“One of our favourite ways to serve them is as part of a vegan sharing platter,” explains Tom. “Arrange on a dish with some of our other vegan snacks. Cauliflower Bites, Mac n’ Cheese bites, Manchego Cheese Churros and Avocado Tortilla Chips for example.”

Biff’s Jackfruit Wingz arrive frozen in packs of 14, five packs to a case. The need only a few minutes to deep fry, and portion size is two or three per person for a starter size.

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