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Let’s mac it up

You hungry? Yes sirree. We are always hungry at Funnybones. Primed for the potatoes, waiting for the wings, burning for the burgers. We don’t play games when it comes to food here at the ranch.

And one of our smokin’ hot favourites when it comes to soul food is mac ‘n’ cheese. Who can resist a silky sauced maccy cheese? Of course we love the straight up and down dish like Mom used to make, but have you tried some of the crazy new combos out there?

We’re talking dirty with black pudding, bacon, pulled pork or chicken. We’re talking veggie with tomatoes, chilli and squash. We’re talking fishtastic with lobster, prawns and crayfish (oh boy, are we ready for that one…).

And while we are talking all things mac… how about the pasta? Elbows are good but it takes shells to mop up all that bad boy cheese sauce. Pennes are great too!

However you like your cheesy pasta, we’ve got you. We know our Caribbean and American food like our own backyards, and we’ve come up with some pretty sassy mac and cheese combos to tempt your home crowd.

Serve it as a main dish, a starter or a side, we all need mac ‘n’ cheese in our lives.

Make it spicy.  Oh yeah. Pile in the Cajun spices and top with Blackened Catfish.

Now we’re smokin’.  Rustle up a Pit Mac with Smoked Cheese, American style gravy and don’t forget those juicy burnt ends.

Make it a double.  Go big on flavour with a mac ‘n’ cheese sandwich or burger. A regular cheese sandwich is sooooo yesterday.

Layer it up. Mac and cheese lasagne. Who knew it was a thing? Slices of smoked ham layered with mac ‘n’ cheese and finished with breadcrumbs, fresh herbs and pecorino.

Top dog mac. Whip it upon the hob in a wide pan, 1 cm deep and top it like a pizza.

Mac in blankets. They’d love this in Ohio. Wrap our Macaroni Cheese Bites in oak smoked streaky bacon, deep fry and drizzle with maple syrup.

Hot poppers. Stuff spicy Jalapeno chillies with mac ‘n’ cheese, coat in breadcrumbs and deep fry. Or, ditch the breadcrumbs and bake in the oven.

The juice is loose. Create a Juicy MacLucy. Stuff that beefy burger with mac ‘n’ cheese.

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