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BBQ Week: 3rd – 9th June 2024

BBQ Week is coming in hot! This seasonal opportunity is a great way for venues to launch new BBQ menus ahead of the busy summer season. In this blog, we round up the must-have staples and exciting new twists!


Ribs, wings, and burgers. The quintessential trio of BBQ. Let’s break it down:

Ribs: You really can’t go wrong with ribs, and they’re something of a speciality of Funnybones – in fact, it’s how we got our name 40 years ago! Baby back ribs saw a boom in popularity in the 1980s, with customers fondly calling them ‘those funny little bones’. That’s when our founders had their eureka moment and decided to bring delicious, authentic Americana and Mexican food to other restaurateurs across the UK. These baby back ribs are still a staple in our brochure every year, but nowadays Funnybones’ range also includes extra wide pork ribs, ready to season as desired, or a full or half rack of ribs ready cooked in a rich BBQ sauce for optimal convenience. For the best of both worlds, Funnybones’ St Louis cut ribs are a spare rib similar to baby back ribs, but with a higher meat-to-bone ratio, and firmer texture. All arrive frozen and require a matter of hours to defrost before they’re ready to fire on the grill.

Wings: Wings are always a good addition to BBQ menus, but standing out from the crowd can be a challenge. Luckily, utilising sauces and seasonings is an easy way to take wings to the next level, and instantly diversifies a simple product.

For example, Funnybones classic BBQ wings can be served as is, tossed in a spicy Rio Pacific buffalo wing sauce, drizzled with our Dunns River Honey Jerk Paste, or smothered in our spicy Encona Carolina Reaper Chilli sauce! Choosing a range of sauces also opens up the option to offer a sizzling wing roulette for customers that are brave enough.

Burgers: Aside from a classic beef burger, operators could consider using a selection of pulled meats for that saucy, sloppy indulgence BBQs are often associated with. Funnybones’ pulled meats are slowly roasted in the oven, then beechwood smoked, rather than steam-cooked, for a succulent texture and improved taste. Choose from lightly seasoned pulled pork, beef, or chicken to act as a blank canvas and season however you like – or make things even more convenient by picking a pre-flavoured pack that’s ready to use: Rio Pacific chicken carnitas, pork carnitas, or barbacoa beef.

Plant Based

BBQ has come a long way from meat-in-a-bun, with an ever-increasing demand for plant-based options. To ensure veggie diners aren’t left out, Funnybones’ has 4 plant-based burgers to satiate those BBQ bun cravings: Chicken-free fillet burger, wrapped in a spicy cornflake crunch; Kale and Hemp Burger with vibrant kale, toasted hemp seeds, and crispy parsnips; Spicy Bean Burger for that classic meat-free munch; and a Beef-Free Burger, made with pea protein and olive oil for a juicy, meaty texture sure to delight meat-lovers and vegans alike, and also remaining a rich source of vitamin B12, iron, and protein.


We’re not being dramatic when we say that sauce is THE most important component of a BBQ menu. BBQ is a sauce afterall! But there’s so much more to it than meets the eye…

Funnybones’ Rio Pacific mop-style glazes are ideal for marinating and basting meat and veggies, due to their thinner consistency. Our chipotle BBQ adds a fiery kick, whereas our maple and pepper glaze is extra sticky-sweet, and our Tennessee-style bourbon has that rye-whisky flavour for that authentic American taste.

Or, for inspiration further afield, operators could put an international twist on things by utilising the likes of Geeta’s Tandoori BBQ, Encona’s Jamaican Jerk, or Funnybones’ Korean BBQ. Featuring notes of ginger, garlic, sesame, and Asian pear, Funnybones’ Korean BBQ works particularly well with pulled meats, stuffed into a golden brioche bun with some kimchi slaw and chilli mayo. Environmentally conscious operators will also appreciate its’ green credentials as a ‘glocal’ product (globally inspired, made locally), having been produced at our site in Wales for reduced food miles.


Corn on the cob goes hand-in-hand with BBQ meals. And the best thing about it? It’s versatile enough to be adapted to any flavour. We recommend sprinkling some of our dry seasoning (try hickory bacon salt, Al Pastor, or Cajun blackened seasoning) into some melted butter, and basting before cooking.

Starchy potato-based products are also popular sides and can be used with dishes on and off the BBQ menu. Scrap traditional fries for something more exciting, like loaded potato skins, tater tots, or cassava fries. Also known as yuca, cassava is a root vegetable that has a sweet, yet slightly nutty taste. When made into fries, it is light and fluffy on the inside, and crispy on the outside.

For something a bit healthier, grilled veggies complement the smoky chargrill of BBQ perfectly. Classics like courgette are a sure hit, but more adventurous chefs are branching out to exotic fruit and veg such as plantain or nopalitos – aka cactus strips.


If you’re interested in more BBQ menu ideas, get in touch with our friendly customer service team who will be happy to help!

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