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Top 5 Sustainable Menu Tips


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Top 5 Sustainable Menu Tips

Green Menus

Did you know… there are over 75 days dedicated to environmental causes per year? That averages out as one every 4 days! April is a particularly high-profile month, including famous events such as Earth Day and Stop Food Waste Day.

With sustainability at the forefront of everybody’s minds, there’s been a shift towards ‘green menus’, designed with environmentalism in mind. Making this switch can seem like a daunting task, but there are a few easy steps operators can take to instantly reduce their carbon footprint.  

1. Tinned and Frozen Products

Food Miles are the new calories, and the public want to consume less of them. To avoid complex expiry logistics, operators could explore frozen and tinned goods to help them bulk order, thus limiting the number of journeys required.

For example, Funnybones’ Irie Eats meals arrive frozen for maximum convenience. Available in 2.5kg (approximately 10 portions), the meals are ideal for operators looking to introduce more Caribbean options in a fast-paced kitchen. Customers can choose from five delicious styles: vegan-friendly Callaloo Stew, Rice ‘n’ Peas, Curried Mutton, Jerk Chicken, or Jerk Pork. Once defrosted, the meals can be kept chilled for up to five days.

Similarly, tinned goods offer long-lasting pantry staples, which operators can order in bulk so they can be confident they won’t run out. Beyond the usual products such as tinned tomatoes or beans, this is also a convenient way to bring in more exotic fruit and veg, such as Funnybones’ Nopalitos aka cactus. These tender strips of cooked cactus add an exotic edge to salsas when paired with lime, coriander, and tomatillos, and are also a great plant-based filling for tacos, enchiladas, and burritos. By arriving tinned, operators can expand their menu with exotic products that would otherwise not be available in the UK.

2. Plant Power

Statista reports 4% of Brits currently follow a vegan diet – equating to a whopping 2.6 million people. And that’s not including vegetarian and flexitarian diets. If that wasn’t reason enough to increase your plant-based range, then perhaps a growing demand based on green credentials will!

According to the National Institutes of Health, plant-based meat substitutes have an average of 50% less environmental impact than their meat counterparts. Despite meat-alikes having taken a bit of a dip in 2023, experts are predicting these will make quite the comeback in 2024, and operators best be ready when they do.

Traditional veggie-based alternatives will of course remain popular, but operators could branch out to appeal to more consumers. For example, Funnybones offers four plant-based burger options; a bean burger for that classic meat-free munch; vibrant kale and hemp, packed with crispy kale, hemp seeds, parsnips, and onions; a pea-protein based beef-free burger; or crunchy chicken-free fillet burger.

Sure to satisfy meat lovers and vegans alike, thanks to its juicy texture, the beef-free burger also benefits from 91% less saturated fat than a traditional beef burger, whilst still being rich in protein, iron, and vitamin B12 – all essential to maintain in a plant-based diet – making it a sure hit with health-conscious diners as well.

Meanwhile, Funnybones’ chicken-free fillet burgers are coated in a crispy, spicy, cornflake crunch. The fillets arrive frozen to further help reduce food waste and can be prepared in just 4 minutes for speedy service – making them perfect for maximising venue capacity as a takeout option.

3. Get Saucy!

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again! Sauces and seasonings are an easy and cost-effective way to instantly diversify a simple menu. It’s good for your budget, and it’s good for the planet. That’s what we call a win-win!

Funnybones’ extensive portfolio includes all the classics, like relishes , mustard, hot sauce, buffalo wing sauce, and a whole host of BBQ sauces - ideal for getting stocked up ahead of National BBQ Week at the end of May. Operators can tap into fusion frenzy with one of Funnybones’ BBQ dips inspired by the four corners of the globe – Geeta’s Tandoori BBQ, Encona’s Jamaican Jerk, or Funnybones’ Korean BBQ – all available in one place. For something a bit more synonymous with the classic American experience, our range of Funnybones Rio Pacifc “Mop” style glazes Chipotle Chilli, Maple Pepper, or Tennessee Bourbon may be more appropriate.

On the dry seasoning side of things, Funnybones’ Rio Pacific Cochinita and Al Pastor hit the spot for Mexican inspired flavours. With notes of chilli, pineapple, and achiote, Al Pastor brings an earthy, smoky taste to dishes, while Cochinita is punctuated with sweet orange juice, achiote, and charred garlic to result in a vibrant colour. On the topic of smoky flavours, Funnybones’ Rio Pacific Hickory Bacon salt is actually vegan-friendly, but still adds that authentic bacon-smoky taste to dishes. In fact, most of Funnybones’ sauces and seasoning are vegan safe – just check the little green tick on the label!

4. Mix It Up in Minutes

Sauces and seasonings can be taken a step further by mixing them together to create even more options! For example, mix 2 parts Jalapeno Jelly and 1 part mayo to make a tangy and spicy jalapeno mayo, perfect for dipping, or try some of these other combos:

  • 3 Parts Chipotle BBQ + 2 Parts Mayo
  • 3 Parts Redpepajam + 2 Parts Mayo
  • 4 Parts Lemon + Herb Peri Peri + 2 Parts Mayo
  • 2 Parts Buffalo Wing Sauce + 2 Parts Mayo
  • 1 Part Cochinita Seasoning + 3 Parts Mayo

Adding mayo to spicy sauces is a great way to take the edge off the heat, making is easier for consumers to enjoy. Dry seasonings can be added to mayo for a similar effect or sprinkled into some melted butter to retain some of their punch. This seasoned butter works well as a dip, but its’ best use is as a glaze before cooking to really lock in those bold flavours!

5. Mix and Match

Once you’ve established a pantry with some staple sauces and tinned goods, it’s easier than you think to squeeze many more meals out of some core ingredients.

An obvious example of this is with tacos, burritos, and quesadillas – but ingredients for these iconic big three are also compatible with chimichangas, enchiladas, tostadas, and more:

Mix and Match Table

If you’re interested in more sustainable menu ideas, get in touch with our friendly customer service team who will be happy to help!

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