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Funnybones Turns 40


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Funnybones is Celebrating 40 Years of Passion, Taste, Innovation, and Service


Funnybones Foodservice is delighted to be celebrating 40 years of passion, taste, innovation, and service in the foodservice sector this year.

Founded in 1984, Funnybones is the brainchild of two London restauranteurs specialising in Americana food. Particularly popular on their menu was baby back ribs, which diners took to fondly calling ‘those funny little bony things’, which is where the name ‘Funnybones’ originated. The restaurant owners had their eureka moment and made it their passion to help supply other restaurants with deliciously authentic American and Mexican food.

Since then, Funnybones has grown to become one of the leading international food providers in the UK, additionally developing a particular speciality in Caribbean cuisine as well. This has largely been consolidated by Funnybones’ parent company, Grace Kennedy Group. Grace Foods have been able to lend their 100+ years’ experience to help Funnybones grow even further, consistently evolving in the international food sector. 

Funnybones Commercial Manager, Marja Lawrence, is particularly proud of all the company has achieved;

“Over the last four decades Funnybones has seen the turn of the millennium and withstood the challenges of a global pandemic, all whilst witnessing industry innovation and emerging food trends on an unprecedented scale. We’re proud to have been at the forefront of these innovations, guided by our customers’ demands. Whether that’s plant-based power, fusion flavours, environmentally conscious dining, or a simple love for the classic staples.” 

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